5 Money Lessons from the Super Bowl

This weekend’s big game came down to the wire, and here are five events that can teach us about life and money.

1. Jermaine Kearse’s Amazing Catch

Great things happen all the time. It is hard to believe Kearse caught this ball, but as Sports Center has taught us, there are at least ten great things that happen in sports every day. In sports, the hard part is to accept these gifts and quickly move on. The clock is still running, and the game isn’t over.

We need to make sure to not waste the good things in our lives. If you pay off a credit card, use the money you save on the minimum payment and pay off the next credit card faster. If the electric bill comes in lower than expected, you could use the savings to start an emergency fund. Be sure to use the unexpected good luck to create a better life for your family.

2. Malcolm Butler’s Interception (Seahawks)

Things don’t always go according to plan. Whether or not it was the right call, a decision was made and the plan was set. The snap was good, the linemen held their blocks, and the pass was a perfect spiral. A couple of inches one way or the other could have resulted in a completely different outcome.

When we make our monthly budgets, we are also making decisions for the month. Although we make the best decisions we can, there are still wrenches that get thrown into our plans. The lesson here is to make the best decisions you can with your money, and the things that you can’t control are going to…well, just happen.

3. Malcolm Butler’s Interception (Patriots)

Seizing an opportunity doesn’t happen unless you recognize the opportunity. When you watch the video of this interception, the feelings of surprise and amazement are overwhelming. Butler credits his interception partly to studying the offense and recognizing the chance to cut off the route. It shows how we can accomplish amazing things when we combine talent, preparation, and opportunity.

With our money, we can also take advantage of opportunities if we are prepared. Saving up cash to buy a new car takes time, and when the car we want suddenly goes on sale, we can jump on the chance. We get what we want and have extra money to save or invest.

4. Fist Fights at the End

As the Patriots took a knee to win the game, a fight broke out between the teams. It was a humiliating show of sportsmanship. I don’t blame either team for playing hard until the end of the game, but a couple players took it too far. Emotions got the better of them, and severe penalties were enforced.

If your family is in a tough spot with money, it is hard not to give in to being angry and frustrated. Working hard to make ends meet really wears on us, and there’s a lot of stress. The worst decision to make is to lash out at others. If you feel this way, take time to find the bright side and appreciate the good things you have in your life.

5. Katy Perry’s “Left Shark”

Ok, so this happened at half-time, but it is still important. During Katy Perry’s performance, a couple of sharks were backup dancers. The 114.5 million people watching the game noticed that the shark on the left (Katy Perry’s right) didn’t quite follow along with the choreography. It made for a fun time, but I bet that performer is more than a little embarrassed.

The lesson here is to practice over and over again. If you are new to budgeting or even balancing a checkbook, you will make mistakes. Give yourself 3-4 months to get good at budgeting and a whole year to become a master. It takes time and energy, so be sure to learn from your mistakes and make the next month better.