FREE Email Course!

Sick and tired of worrying about money?

The secret is for you to learn how to make great decisions with money, but I know that is hard to do with so little time. That is why this email course is great for you!

Each email that you get gives you a 5-10 minute task to complete. Once the task is finished, you click the “Done” button in the email. The next task arrives in your inbox after one hour.

Work on your tasks on your time.

  • At work
  • At home
  • In the evenings
  • On the weekends

There are no timers or expiration dates. You can’t fall behind because the next email doesn’t arrive until you’re ready.

Ever tried to budget and get overwhelmed?

Have you ever read a personal finance book and did nothing to change your life? Yeah, me too. It’s called the “paradox of choice.” It’s all great advice but where do you start first?

Each email will walk you through the process in little, baby steps. The one hour timer stops you from bingeing and becoming overwhelmed.

What’s the catch?

If you are one of the lucky 20 to sign up for the free course, I promise that it is completely free….for you. The course is brand new, and my friends and family love it!

However, you are not my friends and family. I want to make sure this course is as awesome as they say it is, and I’m happy to let you try it out and tell me what you think.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, the first three modules are:

  1. Training
  2. Tracking
  3. Beginner Budgeting

In these three modules, you will learn how to:

  • Track your money
  • Plan your month
  • Make better decisions

After you are finished, I will email you a survey to learn how I can improve the course for the future.

How does this course help me stop worrying about money?

Every person that I have taught how to budget has found money flying needlessly out the door.

  • Membership fees they forgot about
  • Extra bank fees that shouldn’t have been charged
  • Too much Starbucks (a little is okay)
  • Way too much on restaurants (everyone has done this…even me)

Knowing where your money is going gives you the power to make choices. Knowledge is power. That power gives you control to stop worrying about money.